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The 28 Nosler was introduced in 2015 by  nosler  only the second cartridge they ever designed, even though they’ve been in the bullet business since 1948, and the cartridge ammo business since 2009. It is a 7mm caliber, and 28 Nosler ammo is usually found with bullets ranging from 120gr (grain) to 185gr, depending on the desired use and performance the shooter is looking for.
What is a 28 Nosler good for?
28 Nosler rifle  ammunition  is available in competition match grade loads for long-range benchrest shooting, but it’s most often used for hunting. There are some varminters who use it, although the price-per-round can make that cost-prohibitive. It’s most often used for hunting mid-sized to big game. This includes all species of deer around the world, elk in North America, European stags, pronghorn and other antelope, black bear, sheep, goats, and hogs. It can be used for larger animals like moose and brown bear, but ranges should be kept below 400 yards for all but those who practice at the range enough to make this ethical.
What is a 28 Nosler equivalent to?
The 28 Nosler is in the 7mm  rifle ammo o family. It’s often put head-to-head with other popular calibers like the 7mm Rem. Mag. The parent cartridge is a shortened 7mm Remington Ultra Mag. The most common comparison is 28 Nosler vs 300 Win Mag, because they’re both popular in North America and are kissing cousins as far as bullet diameter goes. Depending on the load, they have very similar muzzle velocity and energy, but beyond that there are pluses and minuses between them for drop, terminal energy, windage, recoil, etc.
What is the effective range of a 28 Nosler?
A 28 Nosler can be reliably zeroed at 400 yards, which is pretty impressive. Since it retains 1,018 ft-lb (foot-pounds) of energy at 1,000 yards, it falls into the ethical standard of 1,000 ft-lb for big game. Again, that’s in the right hands and by a hunter who has put in plenty of practice range time. Long-range target shooters have reported that they can bang a steel target at a mile once they have their load and rifle dialed in.
Is 28 Nosler good for deer?
Yes, a 28 Nosler Rifle is excellent for deer! With the range and terminal performance mentioned above, it’s almost tailor-made for deer hunting, especially mule deer hunting in the western United States where the longer ranges of spot-and-stalk hunting are common. It’s also available in lighter mountain-style rifles, which is a plus when you’re lugging it around all day. It does have a bit of a kick with its 30 ft-lb of recoil, but the average deer hunter is only shooting a few rounds a year out in the field.
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